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Solid-state drives (SSDs) outperform hard drives (HDDs) in many areas, such as battery power and storage capabilities.  In our latest infographic, we breakdown the differences between the two drives.  

This year, our team surveyed 44 clients about corporate ITAD. We asked questions about IT infrastructure, cloud services, equipment and more. In our infographic, we highlight some of our key findings.

Solid state drives (SSDs) are faster and in many ways more efficient than traditional hard drives (HDDs). HDDs utilize a mechanical arm to read and write information, while SSDs use digital signals to write and read data. These two drives are created differently; so it should be no surprise that their data destruction processes are different as well. Degaussing, shredding, and crypto-erasure are all common methods for HDD data destruction; yet these same processes do not work for SSDs. The structure of a SSD makes many data destruction techniques ineffective. […]

As technology continues to evolve so must the skills of IT professionals. The overwhelming need for skilled employees is beginning to cause a skill gap. In the infographic below we share some of the stats behind the growing IT skills gap.

Last year, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center hackers accessed over 171 million records. The report also noted there were nearly 1,120 breaches in the US. Unfortunately, many reputable companies were hacked. In this article, we share a list of six of the most notable data breaches of 2017. 1)Equifax Equifax, credit report agency, had a massive data breach in 2017. The agency exposed the information of an estimated 145.5 million people. The hack took place during May through July of 2017. The hackers accessed people’s names, social security […]