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Apple is one of the largest computer and digital device manufacturers in the world. According to Apple’s 2017 Environment Responsibility Report, they will eventually only use recycled materials to create devices. At the same time, they are mandating that their contracted e-waste recyclers shred used Apple products. Shredding devices ensure their products are not resold or reused. Apple Shreds Used Devices Why wouldn’t Apple want recyclers to repair old equipment? The answer could be simple — they want customers to purchase more at the regular price point. Quality Assurance regulations […]

Corporate ITAD Trends Infographic Our team surveyed 41 clients about their corporate ITAD policies and behavior. We decided to create an infographic to highlight some of the key survey results.

Last year, Microsoft released Windows Server 2016. The latest Windows Server has a ton of new features and capabilities. Below is a list of some of the new features that stand out: 1)    More Memory Windows Server 2016 can support 24 terabytes of physical memory per machine. For VMs, Windows Server 2016 can allocate 16TB. Microsoft upgraded the Dynamic Memory feature as well. Now you can increase the minimum and maximum limits while the VM is running. The new capabilities of the Dynamic Memory guarantee more efficiency. 2)    Containers Containers […]

Each year, hackers attack an enormous amount of companies. These data breaches can be extremely costly for businesses. A report sponsored by IBM claimed data breaches on average cost a company $4 million. Last year companies faced some of the largest hacks and data breaches on record. Here is a review of the top data breaches of 2016: 1)  Panama Papers Early last year, the Panama Papers caused a big stir. The Mossack Fonseca hack exposed many high profile people. Iceland’s former Prime Minister, Sigmund Davio Gunnlaugsson was deeply affected […]

In 2016, we saw a few trends that got us a step closer to the world we once only experienced in sci-fi movies or television shows. This year, we expect to see more digital advances. Many of these advances will change the way we interact with the world as we know it. We believe there are a few digital trends that will take center stage in 2017; below are our top four predictions: 1.The Reality of AR/VR Pokemon Go became a phenomenon in 2016. The augmented reality game was a […]