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ITAD Checklist for Stronger IT Asset Management Proper management of retired or decommissioned IT assets is an integral part of a strong IT management strategy, but unfortunately, this task often falls by the wayside due to the sheer number of daily job responsibilities already on the shoulders of most CTOs. In this regard, having an IT asset disposition checklist will help CTOs be able to identify a professional partner to handle the management of their unused IT assets. Benefits of Using an IT Asset Management Company Choosing a reputable and […]

When it comes to liquidating decommissioned IT equipment, a CTO usually has a number of options to choose from for handling the equipment. Two of the most popular options are IT brokerage and a complete buyout of the inventory. While these two liquidation services do share some similarities, they each offer different solutions to the same problem. The Difference Between Buyout and Brokerage When a complete liquidation buyout is chosen, the client is choosing to be paid one lump sum upfront for their entire inventory.  When IT brokerage services are […]

Liquid Technology was recently contacted by a multi-billion dollar hedge fund  with a unique problem. The company regularly undergoes scheduled upgrades to its IT infrastructure, and the frequent upgrades resulted in the company compiling a large inventory of computer equipment, hard drives, and LTO tapes that were no longer being used. The drives and tapes still retained sensitive data, such as trading strategies and client information, and as a result, company policy prohibited any of the equipment from being transported off-site for traditional data destruction processing. Liquid Technology’s On-Site Hard […]

One of the greatest misconceptions in the data sanitization industry is a piece of paper called a “certificate of data destruction.” Many data destruction companies issue these “certificates” to their clients as a means of proving the legitimacy and quality of their services. But unbeknownst to most customers, data destruction certificates of this type carry no weight whatsoever as the industry currently has no such certifying authority. Printed data destruction certificates are not a guarantee of security and they offer no real measurable way of validating that 100% of the […]

Computer recycling, and e-waste in general, has become a hot topic of debate in recent years. In fact, the problem of improper e-waste recycling has become such a high profile issue that in 2012, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Electronic Equipment Reuse and Recycling Act (EERRA) was put into action in order to help ensure that computers and other types of e-waste stayed out of landfills and were recycled properly. E-waste is the fastest-growing municipal waste stream in America, but, despite the increased media coverage and government […]