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Today is Earth Day, so naturally, we think there’s no better time than now to shed a light on the environmental impact of cloud computing. In recent years, cloud computing has become one of the industry’s hottest buzz words and for good reason. Cloud-based computing offers one of the most effective ways that companies can reduce overhead, improve efficiency, and reduce costs all while taking a more environmentally-friendly approach to doing business. Cloud computing eliminates a business’s need for costly networking equipment and the space in which to hold all […]

Data Center Bankruptcy: An Example of Liquid Technology’s Service Results In 2010, the popular peer-to-peer file sharing company Limewire was forced by the U.S. federal court to shut down its service and to stop distributing its downloadable client program. This resulted in several core challenges for the company, including the overwhelming task of managing the hardware in its New Jersey data center. After filing for bankruptcy, Limewire’s executives approached Liquid Technology to see if we could help them manage its data center bankruptcy liquidation. Limewire would have liked to have […]

It has been just over a year since the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Electronic Equipment Reuse and Recycling Act (EERRA) went into full effect. And starting on January 1, 2015, it will actually be illegal for New York residents to throw personal electronics like televisions, stereos, cell phones, computers, and other devices into the regular trash. So, we thought it important to review the New York State e-waste laws so our readers can better understand what’s expected of them and how they can comply with these new […]

Whenever a business goes through a transitional period, be it a merger, a relocation, or an IT infrastructure upgrade, it can often be left with an excess of used servers and other hardware that no longer hold any operational value to the company. But, just because the servers are no longer being used in the day-to-day business operations doesn’t mean that they don’t still hold some financial value. Businesses can sell used servers to a company like Liquid Technology for a return on their investment, and here’s how to do […]

It’s another day in America and that means that another 130,000 computers will be discarded in today’s trash. 130,000 computers might sound like an exaggerated number, but that really is how many computers get trashed on the average day in the United States. A lot of cell phones will also be tossed out today. In fact, over the course of a year, Americans throw out more than 100 million cell phones. Have you ever wondered where all of this e-waste goes and what impact is it having on our environment? […]