AIOps Maybe the Answer to Streamline IT

We already see how artificial intelligence is helping our daily life with Amazon Echo and Siri. So it should come as no surprise that AI will play a big role in the future of IT. Earlier this year, Gartner created a market guide to further delve into what they call AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations ). Gartner defines AIOps as platform software systems that combines big data and AI or machine learning functionality to enhance and partially replace a broad range of IT operations processes and tasks, including availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, IT service management, and automation. The market guide provides an overview of the system. Gartner also provides the following recommendations to IT professionals:

  • Ensure success in the deployment of AIOps functionality incrementally by adopting an incremental approach that focuses on historical data
  • Select AIOps platforms capable of supporting a broad range of historical and streaming data types
  • Choose tools offering the ability to incrementally deploy the four phases of IT-Operations-Oriented Analytics and Machine Learning

IBM is also making strides in the AI space. IBM recently launched Data Lake and Client Insights Dashboard. The platform is powered by IBM’s, artificial intelligence, Watson. Overall, AI technology promises to improve IT operations and fill in the gaps for the growing skills deficit.

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